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"Screenwriting Awards"


Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards Season 7

(2023) Semifinalist - Deadman's Land


Filmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards Season 7

(2022) Semifinalist - Tandoori Apocalypse


Outstanding Screenplays (2021)

Quarterfinalist - Deadman's Land


The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 
(2022) Semifinalist - Tandoori Apocalypse

Stage32 Comedy Screenwriting Competition
(2022) Quarterfinalist - Tandoori Apocalypse

Stage32 Logline Competition
(2022) Quarterfinalist - Tandoori Apocalypse

Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition

(2013) Quarterfinalist - Deadman's Land

Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition

(2020) Quarterfinalist - Viking Wars

Screencraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

(2020) Semifinalist - Deadman's Land

Screencraft Action & Adventure Screenwriting

Competition (2021) Quarterfinalist - Breath of the Dragon

Screencraft Horror Screenwriting Competition

(2019) Quarterfinalist - Hellion Rising

The Black List: Top 5% of all evaluated Screenplays

(2018) - Deadman's Land

"Script Doctor"
   "Graphic Novelist"



     "Deadman's Land"



North Street Book Awards (2023) Semifinalist - Deadman's Land - graphic Novel 


"An inventive, blood-soaked horror show begging to be made into a live-action film" 

               ~ Sir Richard Taylor (WETA, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit


 "Deadman's Land is the graphic novel of 2014" ~  Charles Knight (Co-Producer       Spartacus Blood and Sand)


 "Not all surprised by how good Deadman's Land is, after        all, it's written by   Barry Duffield" ~ Richard J Norton (Mad Max Fury Road, Spartacus, Rage and   Honour)


 "A wild ride" ~ William Wallace (Orange Roughies, The Cult, Step Dave, King Kong)


 "In a Generation where creatures of the night have lost their way, DML reminds us   of their true potential" Steve    Keating (Ireland)


 "Deadman's Land by actor Barry Duffield puts a new spin on the Werewolf genre"     ~  Steve Stern (Steve Stern Graphic    Novel Adaptations, LA)
 “Deadman’s Land achieves the Nazi Werewolf Singularity"               ~

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