Deadman's Land 

A squad of battle-hardened US paratroopers finds themselves in mortal combat against a pack of genetically altered Nazi Werewolves with the outcome of the second Word War hanging in the balance. 









The Cradle of Civilization

Jihad Johnny has been atomized in a drone strike, but a US Special Forces team has the photographic evidence to the contrary. Trapped and hunted, behind enemy lines with no communication and no possibility of evacuation. The only out is to take on impossible odds and punch a hole through to freedom.











Tandoori Apocalypse

As Vampires rise to rule the world, a Hindu mommy's boy must cut the apron-strings and protect a motley group of survivors taking refuge in his suburban convenience store.











Breath of the Dragon

A Chicago police detective's past catches up with him when a case involving the Vietnamese Black Dragons opens up a world of police corruption and dead children that ignites a deadly street war.


Viking Wars


Blood Reef 




Hellion Rising (Under option)

A survival television show, shooting on an isolated island in the South China sea, becomes all too real after a malignant spirit hell-bent on taking their souls is unwittingly released.


Inside Dope











The Nowhere Man (Under option)

In a bid to reconnect with his roots a half-caste Aboriginal lawyer and his European wife head up to the Northern Territory, but events take a terrifying turn after they become the target of a racist miner and the storm of the century bears down on them.





The Hibernator

An Ill Wind

Local Hero

The spirit of a WW2 war hero peacefully haunts his local RSA, until his legacy is threatened, and he's forced to enlist the aid of his wayward granddaughter or forever be branded a traitor. 


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