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Chris Boje ~ Screenwriter

"Barry's obvious expertise has led me out of the fog and shown me the clear road ahead"

Jason NG ~ Screenwriter

"Every opinion Barry offered me on character development, arc, and structure, made perfect sense"


Blaine Gray - Producer, LA

"I worked closely with Barry while developing the screenplay for Deadman's land. He was a pleasure to work with. Extremely responsive with rewrites & last-minute changes. His engaging & fast-paced writing really brought the story to life & allowed us to get the project seen by top industry professionals. I hope to work with Barry again soon and bring a project to screen"

Stephen Stern – Storyboard and Graphic Novels, LA

"It's a great pleasure working with Barry Duffield, adapting his engrossing screenplay, Deadman's Land, into a graphic novel. Barry's talent as an actor shines through the spot-on dialogue he writes for all of his many characters, and he also proves to have the knack for writing terrific action scenes. In addition to his expertise as an actor, Barry is also one hell of an accomplished screenwriter. Adapting DEADMAN'S LAND into a graphic novel is pure joy because the source material is so well-crafted"


Michael Egan - Ghastly Fun Films


"I have been developing one of Barry Duffield's screenplay "Tandoori Apocalypse" for the past 3 years during that time I have found him a willing and able partner in moving the project forward both with his depth of knowledge of the film business and his extraordinary writing talent which of course got me hooked on "Tandoori" to start with. I would recommend Barry without reservation to any prospective producer looking to get into business with Mr. Duffield"

Kris Mikkelson - Vitamin Sea Media

Working with Barry was an incredibly smooth and professional experience from the very first inquiry about the project. I felt confident discussing the story in more detail and then finally the completion of the drafts of the script and then re-writes. He is a master of communication whether it be typing that onto a page or talking on the phone or via email, I felt part of the process and well informed at all times. My expectations were exceeded and I would not hesitate to work with Barry again. I have nothing but respect for his craft and the way in which he delivers what was agreed upon.



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